Monday, November 20, 2017

The last melon.... 11/20/2017

Hola FAMILIA!!!!!
Well I can't believe it but its my last group email, its my last week in the mission, its my last melon..... just like ice age. 

But I just wanted to thank you all so so so so so much, For all the love and support, the prayers and well everything!!! I know that It has helped me a ton during my mission! 

Just wanted to write you all my testimony! 

I testify that Jesus is the Christ and that He was sent to this earth to suffer and die for our sins and I know that if we closer ourselves to Him, He will be able to bless our lives so much more. 

I know that God Is our loving Heavenly Father and that He will support us in everything!!!
The mission is the best and i am so grateful that I got to spend my last 18 months here in Peru sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ!!!
I love you all and I'll see you guys in 8 days!!!!! 

Love Hermana McNamara


Monday, November 13, 2017

Pictures - 11/13/2017

Something funny my Mission President told me. "You have every right to be trunky right now, you have less than  2 weeks and well it's totally normal to be trunky right now, and you have even more right because you are on crutches and doing the work of one missionary, but on 3 legs" jajajaja Made me laugh so hard, I seriously love President Calderon he is so freaking awesome!!!!

Monday, November 6, 2017

3 weeks Left!!!! - 11/06/2017

Hey family!!!!

Well this last week has been full of many crazy adventures!! But this last week i got to finally meet my new mission president!!! How crazy was it, but it was also pretty cool! Because him and his wife are so loving and caring and that is exactly what our mission was lacking!!!! 

But the experiences keep coming. Two weeks ago we had a church open house and a lot of investigators came but this week was even cooler when our investigator Licurgo called us and was like "Hey! are you going to have another church open house this week? I want to bring my daughter so she can meet and get to know the church!"  it was pretty cool and really made my day!  Then we went down the stairs to head out and we opened up our front door and there was a drunk sleeping outside our front door........ ha... great change in spirit. ... So we had to call our landlord and she kicked him away with a broom. We found him two doors down sleeping outside of a restaurant... Poor guy. 

Anyways not to much this week!!!! Hope you all have a great week!!!! 
Thanks for all the love and support!!! 
Love Hermana McNamara

Monday, October 23, 2017

Hola Familia!!!! 10-23-2017

Hola Familia!!!!

So I'm running out of subject line ideas..... 

But this last week has been great!!! A funny experience! this last week we went to go visit a family and the husband is an old investigator of a long distance cousin of mine and as well his wife was this cousins pension. But the funny experience was when we were finishing the lesson, i felt something under my chair moving. ( i thought it was a spider or something) So I looked under my chair and there was a puppy. Now this family has another dog that they named christian Olsen, Olsen for my cuz. And when I saw this puppy I was like that is not Cristian Olsen. So I picked her up and we got talking with the family about the new puppy. and I was like well I guess now you have some cousins in your house, making a joke! Then them taking it seriously saying " hey that's actually a good idea and she doesn't have a name yet. Lets name her Cassie McNamara!!!!" so now here in Peru there are 2 dog cousins named after 2 distant cousin missionaries!!!! It still makes me laugh! 

But as well this last week we had something called Censo. Its when nobody can leave their house for nothing, because the government has someone coming to count how many people live in your house, because the government wants to know how many people are here in Peru, and it happened to fall on a Sunday so that meant that there could not be church meetings nothing.... it was a really boring day! I mean we studied and we planned and we slept a little. But it was a long time to trapped inside our room. glad to know the Censo only happens every 8 - 10 years. 

Anyways the work is still going and we have got a lot of people were are teaching!!! We are also walking a ton. it still boggles my mind sometimes, but our investigators that grow more and actually get baptized live the farthest away from the church, some 45 minutes walking time!!! Its crazy!!! Sometimes we don't think about the blessings that we have and we take advantage of them. so many of the members ask me. " why if the members of the church in Utah live so close to the temple, why don't they go to the temple more??? why only once every 3 months when they could easily go to the temple every week???" Then they always give me the lecture. Hermana McNamara when you are back in Utah you need to go to the temple every week, and remember everyone here in Peru Cajamarca who has to wait  3 months and save lots of money just to go to the temple.  so I am inviting all. GO TO THE TEMPLE and think about all the people who aren't so privileged  to have temple close!!!!

Love you all!!! Thanks for all the love and support!!!!!
Love Hermana McNamara

Monday, October 16, 2017

Pictures 10/16/2017

Fotos going to Trujillo and the Show of Talents

Hermana McNamara & Hermana Marble

Hermana Marble in Cassie's Dress