Monday, May 29, 2017

Im soaring and flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 05-29-2017

Hola familia!!!

Well this last week was interesting!!! I was told that I am from the devil and we talked with a drunk guy that we didn't realize was drunk until half way through the conversation. 

This last week we have been hunting and hunting for new people and we were heading to visit a sister and on our way there a woman called us over and we were like "great a contact"!!! But then she was like oh your not who I thought you were but she did ask us about the church, where we are from, and it was great. But then she was like I have a question if you have time, and we said  "ya of course". Well this question was "why do you guys rub your fingers when you teach, or put or hands in your pocket, or why do you use a cellphone to call people, because all of that is of the devil." And I told her "well ya know, we are young people that are learning how to be good teachers, we aren't perfect" and I gave her the example that when I'm teaching or visiting with people sometimes I twist my ring on my finger, and she replied "oh thats ok because you are touching your ring" and honestly this lady was so funny to talk too that when me and my companion left we could not help but laughing. 

Also yesterday me and my comp left a visit and we passed an old man in the street and he asked us if we had any pamphlets that we could give him about God and he was talking normal so we didn't really recognize that he was drunk until he started debating with us and asking if we knew random facts from the bible. Now I had no fear talking with him because he asked " if God really is loving why am I here living in the streets drunk?"  and we answered him and then we left but his question really stuck with me for a minute and it had me thinking if God really is loving why do bad things happen no??? and I remember that the leaders of the church always say that God gives us challenges to progress and how we overcome the challenge creates the result. God can give us a challenge and we can decide to endure and keep going or we can go drink and shrink down in our lives. I really have seen a perspective here in Peru! There are a ton of people that chose to not endure and they chose the path to drink, and then there are the people that do endure and the blessings of God surround them. My goal when I get home is to keep enduring, and even more perseverar!!! 

Hope ya´ll have a great week!!! Thanks for all the love and support!!!!! 
Love Hna. McNamara


Monday, May 22, 2017

Just Keep Swimming Ya Wimp!! 05-22-2017

We are getting rejected out the wazoo and its super stressful because one- I'm training and two- because we don't have good numbers at the end of the week but we go out every day and we work so freaking hard but these peoples hearts are just so hard not even a bullet from a shot gun could pass through them. But what can we do???  Just keep sharing the gospel.

Last night after we reported numbers I just wanted to cry because my district leader really tried to help me think positive but it really just made me feel worse so I got in my pajamas and I turned on 4ordained and I just drowned myself in the music. And I was listening to the song " This Truth" and it talks about Joseph Smith and his work but one line stood out to me. it says:

"His book of ancient prophets here in my hand 
it is mine to translate to save modern man 
  and oh the joy that is inside me now that I know what I must do, 
  with the spirit here to guide me I'll go and bring the world this truth" 

And well right after I heard this a thought came to my head that was not from my mind. it was
Joseph Smith was probably a lot more stressed then you so stop thinking about your stress, go analyze your week, make new goals and just keep swimming ya wimp".  It hit me so hard. So if anything I'm not gonna stress because I will never be as stressed as Joseph Smith so ya I'm gonna work with that mindset. My companion is a little downhearted for the rejection but she's not giving up she's awesome!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Well aint this weird - 05/08/2017

Hola Familia!!!!

So like I said last week, I'm training and honestly training is so cool!!!! All the other missionaries have said the training is super hard and that it drains all your energy, but they were wrong, I've never had so much energy and it is the best. Yes it is hard, but honestly its worth it!!! Wahoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My greenies name is Hna. Soldevilla and she is from Pisco Peru!

This last week has been super fun, we have gone on a door knocking streak! Lots of doors and lots of people that have just flat out said to our faces. no! but ya know that means that God wants us out meeting someone else  that is prepared! So I always tell my greenie. " oh well their loss next door!" I'm not gonna get down because someone said no. I'm gonna get down when I know that they know that its true and then they say no. But that's a whole nother book for another day!

I don't have to much left to say other than. Hey his next Sunday is mothers day. Give your mom a hug or something!!!!  

Love you all so much!!! Thank You for all the support!!!
Love you 
Love Hermana McNamara

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Letter from the Mission President! - 05/03/2017

3 May 2017

Dear  McNamara Family:

We are pleased to inform you that Sister McNamara was recently assigned to serve as a Trainer in the Peru Trujillo North Mission.  Sister McNamara is an example to all and we are grateful for her devoted service.  We pray our Heavenly Father will continue to guide and bless her as she strives to invite others to come unto Christ by teaching repentance and baptizing converts.  We express our deep appreciation and love for this wonderful missionary.


President William L. Marble     
Sister Sandra Marble


Monday, May 1, 2017

Well well well!! 05-01-2015

Que tal? Como estan??? 
Ok so this last week was super good!!! But yesterday we found out transfers!!! Yup! I'm not leaving but I will be training!!!!! AHH!!!!
I’m just a lot nervous. But I’m also super excited!!!! I’m excited to help this new missionary love the mission!!!! I know nothing about her and I won’t know who she is until tomorrow. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Ya if any of you old missionaries have any tips please please please shoot me an email! I just want to help this new missionary!
I was super excited that yesterday as well, two of my converts got their temple recommend to go do baptisms in the temple and it just fills me with so much joy!!! I’m so excited for them!!!! 
Recently we started teaching a new investigator named Araceli and she literally is the bomb. She has the deepest desire to know if this church is true and she is doing all she can to know. She’s more active than the members here in my ward jaja it’s great!!!!
I seriously love this missionary work!!!! It is amazing!!!!! Find someone this week to share the gospel with!!!!
Love you all!!!! 
Love Hermana McNamara