Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Earth Day People!!!

Hola Familia!!!

Ok so first off Thank You so much for all the birthday wishes it was a fun day! Also Happy Birthday to all you people that have birthdays in April!!!

Happy Earth Day!!! Please give respect to the earth!!! IT deserves it!!!! Go Hug a tree or something jaja :)

SO this last week was super fun! First off my comp was on bed rest for 2 days because her knee was acting up so that meant that I got to do a lot of studying. One of my studies was from a talk that Elder Holland gave and honestly its the best talk ever.

That is the website for the talk if you want to go read it, I highly suggest it! Honestly it might make you cry! It made me cry, actually I only cried because I'm on the mission and for some reason I cry every time something has an impact on something I'm feeling or I'm teaching to a person. Honestly its been inspiring to just focus on what the spirit wants me to teach and how He really does know each of his children. This last week we had an investigator whose name is Araceli. She was having a lot of doubts about the Book of Mormon and so we went and read a part with her and within like 15 minutes all her questions were answered and she asked us when we were coming back and if we can bring her to all the church activities. It was so amazing!!! And I cant take any of the credit. all of it was the spirit. I'm just a person walking around and when I speak my goal is that the spirit can testify of what I say, and in this moment I felt it!!! It was so cool!!!! 

Love you all so much!!! Trust God and the spirit, they really do know you!!!!! 
Love Hermana McNamara

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Birthday Hermana McNamara!! 4-22-17

Somewhere walking the streets of Peru there is a beautiful young sister missionary who turned 20 this morning, and she belongs to me. 
She made her long awaited entrance to this globe early that morning at 7:21 AM, and the world was instantly a brighter place with her presence.
Appropriately born on Earth Day  this young woman loves nature, animals, music, shoes, clothes, purses, quotes, organizing, being creative, cake decorating, journaling, working at Home Depot, meeting new people, friends, camping, her family, her new friends in Peru, laughing and having fun. True to her Earth Day Birthday she tackled recycling projects as a youth, likes rescuing and protecting animals, loves working in the garden and planting things, and gets annoyed with litterbugs.  She loved Marching Band  and the friends that became family.  She is hardworking and persistent. She has conquered mountains this girl.  She is one tough cookie that is not meant to be trifled with.  She is also kind, gentle and compassionate and would do anything to help another. 
She learned early on, from a special kitty named Tigger  how to trust God.  A very simple lesson she would lean on again and again....and again.  That trust is what led her to Peru.   It's the reason she gets up and works hard every single day.  It's the reason she was willing to sacrifice 18 months of her life to help and lift others, and teach them about her trust in God, so they can trust him too.
For this special 20th Birthday she is giving a gift instead of receiving one.  A selfless, precious gift of her testimony and her faith and I could not be prouder of her service and sacrifice.  My heart is missing her today,  so much so it feels it might break.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  She is EXACTLY where she is meant to be.  So today I add my testimony to hers.  I know that my Savior lives.  He loves me.  He loves Cassie.  He is watching over her, and blessing her.  He strengthens us both as we long to be together today.  He is wrapping his arms around her for me, and helping her feel loved.  My greatest peace comes from knowing she is mine for eternity.  No matter what this life throws at us, that truth will remain.  Families are Forever so that means I don't need to fear. I have placed her securly in Heavenly Fathers hands and I trust Him.  Just as Cassie has taught ME to do.   That is the greatest birthday gift of all.  For both of us. 
Happy Birthday My Sweet Cassie!!  Momma Duck 閭 Loves You Very Much!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!!!!! 04-17-2017

Hola Familia!!!!!
I hope that you had a good week!!!!! 
This last week was really fun for me and really busy!!! 

First off we had Zone Conference and it was super cool!!! I loved it all!! Then that night Sol Got baptized!!! IT was amazing and it was fun to see all the people that came and supported her!!! Then the same night we left our area to go on an intercambios and it was super fun. 

OK funny story from the intercambio. I was in a lesson visiting a new person and his girlfriend. they are called Luis and Erika.  So when we entered Luis left the front door open a little bit and so we were teaching about the importance of prayer and Luis was sharing an experience and then all of a sudden a little duckling just passed through the door and FYI I LOVE DUCKS!!!!! So at first we were like oh you have a duck how cute!!! Because this little duckling just passed through the door so calmly. But then Luis was standing at the door asking his neighbor if she had ducks and his other neighbor and then he came back and none of his neighbors have ducks. and apparently this little duckling wasn't his!!! and it just came in jaja it was hilarious!!! I told him that he's got to name the duck after the missionaries because we were there when it came home... jaja it made a great way for us to become friends a little bit faster with these two. THANK YOU DUCK!!! 

So then Saturday night again we had another Baptism. ZAIRA got BAPTIZED!!! IT was super cool and I got to see my old mission leader!!! IT was so good to hear how my old ward and converts are doing!!! 

Anyways I hope you all have a good week!!!! Thank you so much for all the support!!!
Love Hna. McNamara 

Monday, April 10, 2017

I'm still alive!!!!! - 04102017

Hola Familia!!!

There is no need to frett I am still alive. I may be walking through contaminated dry mud every day. I might be wearing boots and a mask. But i am still living!!!!

So this last week has been super! We got to go and help clean up a school here and honestly it was pretty fun!! It was super sad to see all the books and tables destroyed, but it was also  super cool to see all the members from this area just flood in and help out! it really was inspiring. Also i will admit i was pretty excited to put on a helping hands vest from the church. I felt pretty cool!!! 

There has bee a lot of different service activities and i will probably be doing service till the beginning of may. It will be awesome!

Bu in the midst of all this service we have some how found time to teach, and this Saturday my award is going top have three baptisms. One from the elders and 2 from me and my companion! its gonna be the best! I'm honestly so excited for them!!!! I'll be sure to send pictures next week!!! 

Anyways I love you all so much!! 
Thank You for all the prayers and the support!!! 
Love Hermana McNamara