Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!!!!! 04-17-2017

Hola Familia!!!!!
I hope that you had a good week!!!!! 
This last week was really fun for me and really busy!!! 

First off we had Zone Conference and it was super cool!!! I loved it all!! Then that night Sol Got baptized!!! IT was amazing and it was fun to see all the people that came and supported her!!! Then the same night we left our area to go on an intercambios and it was super fun. 

OK funny story from the intercambio. I was in a lesson visiting a new person and his girlfriend. they are called Luis and Erika.  So when we entered Luis left the front door open a little bit and so we were teaching about the importance of prayer and Luis was sharing an experience and then all of a sudden a little duckling just passed through the door and FYI I LOVE DUCKS!!!!! So at first we were like oh you have a duck how cute!!! Because this little duckling just passed through the door so calmly. But then Luis was standing at the door asking his neighbor if she had ducks and his other neighbor and then he came back and none of his neighbors have ducks. and apparently this little duckling wasn't his!!! and it just came in jaja it was hilarious!!! I told him that he's got to name the duck after the missionaries because we were there when it came home... jaja it made a great way for us to become friends a little bit faster with these two. THANK YOU DUCK!!! 

So then Saturday night again we had another Baptism. ZAIRA got BAPTIZED!!! IT was super cool and I got to see my old mission leader!!! IT was so good to hear how my old ward and converts are doing!!! 

Anyways I hope you all have a good week!!!! Thank you so much for all the support!!!
Love Hna. McNamara 

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