Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Earth Day People!!!

Hola Familia!!!

Ok so first off Thank You so much for all the birthday wishes it was a fun day! Also Happy Birthday to all you people that have birthdays in April!!!

Happy Earth Day!!! Please give respect to the earth!!! IT deserves it!!!! Go Hug a tree or something jaja :)

SO this last week was super fun! First off my comp was on bed rest for 2 days because her knee was acting up so that meant that I got to do a lot of studying. One of my studies was from a talk that Elder Holland gave and honestly its the best talk ever.

That is the website for the talk if you want to go read it, I highly suggest it! Honestly it might make you cry! It made me cry, actually I only cried because I'm on the mission and for some reason I cry every time something has an impact on something I'm feeling or I'm teaching to a person. Honestly its been inspiring to just focus on what the spirit wants me to teach and how He really does know each of his children. This last week we had an investigator whose name is Araceli. She was having a lot of doubts about the Book of Mormon and so we went and read a part with her and within like 15 minutes all her questions were answered and she asked us when we were coming back and if we can bring her to all the church activities. It was so amazing!!! And I cant take any of the credit. all of it was the spirit. I'm just a person walking around and when I speak my goal is that the spirit can testify of what I say, and in this moment I felt it!!! It was so cool!!!! 

Love you all so much!!! Trust God and the spirit, they really do know you!!!!! 
Love Hermana McNamara

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