Monday, May 22, 2017

Just Keep Swimming Ya Wimp!! 05-22-2017

We are getting rejected out the wazoo and its super stressful because one- I'm training and two- because we don't have good numbers at the end of the week but we go out every day and we work so freaking hard but these peoples hearts are just so hard not even a bullet from a shot gun could pass through them. But what can we do???  Just keep sharing the gospel.

Last night after we reported numbers I just wanted to cry because my district leader really tried to help me think positive but it really just made me feel worse so I got in my pajamas and I turned on 4ordained and I just drowned myself in the music. And I was listening to the song " This Truth" and it talks about Joseph Smith and his work but one line stood out to me. it says:

"His book of ancient prophets here in my hand 
it is mine to translate to save modern man 
  and oh the joy that is inside me now that I know what I must do, 
  with the spirit here to guide me I'll go and bring the world this truth" 

And well right after I heard this a thought came to my head that was not from my mind. it was
Joseph Smith was probably a lot more stressed then you so stop thinking about your stress, go analyze your week, make new goals and just keep swimming ya wimp".  It hit me so hard. So if anything I'm not gonna stress because I will never be as stressed as Joseph Smith so ya I'm gonna work with that mindset. My companion is a little downhearted for the rejection but she's not giving up she's awesome!

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