Monday, May 8, 2017

Well aint this weird - 05/08/2017

Hola Familia!!!!

So like I said last week, I'm training and honestly training is so cool!!!! All the other missionaries have said the training is super hard and that it drains all your energy, but they were wrong, I've never had so much energy and it is the best. Yes it is hard, but honestly its worth it!!! Wahoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My greenies name is Hna. Soldevilla and she is from Pisco Peru!

This last week has been super fun, we have gone on a door knocking streak! Lots of doors and lots of people that have just flat out said to our faces. no! but ya know that means that God wants us out meeting someone else  that is prepared! So I always tell my greenie. " oh well their loss next door!" I'm not gonna get down because someone said no. I'm gonna get down when I know that they know that its true and then they say no. But that's a whole nother book for another day!

I don't have to much left to say other than. Hey his next Sunday is mothers day. Give your mom a hug or something!!!!  

Love you all so much!!! Thank You for all the support!!!
Love you 
Love Hermana McNamara

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