Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christ is everywhere!

Recently as I have been studying and preparing for my mission I've been noticing more spiritual things throughout my day. Mainly that Christ is everywhere! Everytime I see some sort of tree or a mountain my first thought has been I wonder why Christ wanted it to look like that? I also have seen Christ in my actions. In situations where I usually get mad or snotty I've begun to look at it with a new angle. When a customer comes in to work and doesn't treat me in the best way, where I usually would respond in a fake nice or not at all, I have been responding how I would like to be talked to. I try to understand what would I do if Christ was standing right next to me. I've become more observant and it's truly amazing to see the kindness that does still exist in this insane world. Tonight my Family is driving up to Salt Lake and the newest member of our family will join us in this very cold world. I can't help thinking how I can show her that Christ is everywhere and how can I show her that there is good in the world. I also can't help thinking that right now she is saying goodbye to all of our family in heaven. I can't wait to meet this little spirit and I can't wait to be the best example I can be! 

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