Friday, May 13, 2016

Beautiful Temple Day at Payson Temple!

Saturday April 9, 2016 turned out to be the perfect day for Cassie's
Temple Day.  It was a bit blustery and rainy, which is Cassie's preferred weather days!  Rain makes her happy.  It also made for some
interesting and Beautiful photos of the day!
We were so excited and honored to join her in this time of learning and progression.  We are so very proud of Cassie and all she has accomplished!
The Temple looked beautiful and so did Cassie!

What a beautiful girl & beautiful day.

 That's Our Girl!!  LOVE HER!

 Couldn't be happier for her.

 To make the day even more special, Cassie wore the same dress that Kim (Mom) wore when she went to the temple for her first time.  Nifty.  She opted for a different top, because "Shoulder Pads just aren't cool anymore."  LOL  I couldn't agree with her more!!!

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