Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I'm alive!!!!!!!! 3/21/2017

Hola Familia!!!!!

No se precupe!!!! I'm still living!!!! 
jajaja no seriously I'm doing great my ward is like one of 2 wards here in Trujillo that is dry. So that means that yes I still go out proselyting! wahoo!!!!!!!!!!! 
So this last week has been an adventure but don't worry we only flooded our room twice! But it was because of the super duro down pour that Trujillo got here. And just so y'all know. IT NEVER RAINS IN TRUJILLO. So the fact that it was down pouring they weren't really prepared so a lot of house got 3 inches of rain in the rooms. but because the next morning after the rain is so hot it dries it up pretty fast. 

It has been super hard for me to be in my area because my old area is getting destroyed and i cant really doing anything for them because we aren't allowed to leave our area of proselyting..... ugh its just a little frustrating but its been OK.  I was really sad when i opened my email today and got the information that one of my old investigators died from a mosquito bite, from Dengue. That was a little depressing. But ya know I really am just keeping my head up about it. Because I know God has got a really great plan right now and yes some people are suffering, but you have to suffer a little to recognize joy. Its sad but its true. 

I'm doing super and I'm so grateful that I get to be her e in Peru in this time. I am so grateful that I get to help these people!!!! I have been humbled and taught a lot in the last week. Its really helped my testimony a ton! 

I love it here!!! Mud and all!!!
Hope you all have a great week!!! and please keep Peru in your prayers!!!
Hermana McNamara

Burned her finger on the toaster.

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