Monday, July 25, 2016

I Really Want A Taco Bell Taco!!

I’ve already started crying and I haven’t even written the email yet.

So this week had been good.

Um, I’m gonna start with one of my investigators name Marcis she is this sweet old lady that half the time I can’t understand because she mumbles but she always blesses me with the cross before we leave each lesson and I always look forward to the lessons with her. Last time after we finished she told me that she could feel something coming from me and I know it’s the Holy Ghost testifying through me. Another one of our investigators name is Wilder he is working to be baptized in August but he had a relapse the other day and came home drunk so I was really sad about that, and we haven’t met with him since so hopefully we can see him in the next few days and see how we can help him! There is a member here name Hermana Liliana and she President of the Young Women and she is so cool! She made me a smoothie last time and it was so good. And she gave us maracoya and avocados and the avocados are like the size of my face, they are huge!!! Everyone here thinks it’s awesome that I can braid apparently not that many people here can. also last Wednesday we did a lesson at the temple with our investigator Dali and she is not sure about baptism but it was nice to finally walk around the Trujillo temple.

They have a candy here that is similar to starburst called frunas and they are the best thing ever! Last Tuesday I sat through my first earthquake and my companion freaked out and I just sat there and kept listening to the zone leaders who were teaching and later my companion thought I was calm because I had been in one before. yea no. but it was cool. Also the I’m pretty sure I am definitely being protected because the last few nights I’ve fallen asleep to the sound of dogs eating each other and gun shots. so I’m definitely being protected. One night while we were walking to an appointment a bunch of drunk guys started yelling at me to speak English and me and my companion just started walking faster and luckily nothing happened but the drunks scare me. Somedays we will hear gunshots during lunch and I think one day I counted up to 9 gunshots. Luckily, I never hear any while I am out proselyting.

So there is 0 style here whatsoever half the ladies here don’t shave their legs and most outfits look horrible together but ya know its Peru so why not. There is trash everywhere here and I am constantly being reminded of the movie Wall-e. They have random holes in the sidewalks that they fill with trash then cover with cement and seal it. It’s really just like the movie Wall-e.

There is a cat around here that wanders around that looks exactly like Ginger. I get a little homesick every time I see her. A couple days ago I was having a really really bad day and I got to the point I just knelt down and begged God to help me get through the day. I didn’t feel like I had any strength in my body and all of a sudden I just felt like someone was picking me and carrying me and I somehow made it through the day. That has been a huge reminder this week about the Atonement that the Savior really will carry us the rest of the way when we can’t go any farther. Also in my personal study this morning I was reading in preach my gospel and it says " we must walk by faith rather than by sight" and I really love that because it reminds me that I need to have faith and starting seeing people how our Father in Heaven sees them. If I am looking at this people with my eyes I will never accomplish anything but if I look at them how God sees them I really am going to accomplish much because then ill see the people God wants me to help.

One nice thing about graffiti everywhere is there are lots of random quotes that’s really nice. One was about how your actions speak louder than your words and I’ve written it down and put it in places to remind me. After my email last week, I remembered the song from the happiest millionaire " it won’t be long until Christmas" and that’s been a motivator as well.

Thanks for all the love and support!!!!

You guys are the best!!!

Love Hermana McNamara

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