Monday, July 25, 2016

Refiners Fire & Protection - This Missionary Mom's Contemplations while she waits for email.....

Tomorrow is email day!  I am excited to hear about this weeks adventures!  However, I have spent a lot of time this week contemplating Cassie's last letter, and thought I would share a few of those thoughts.  (Yep, I'm thinking, Scary I know!)   She was pleading for more prayers to help her be stronger, more faithful and courageous.  It got me thinking about about all the missionaries I have seen leave for missions, starting with my grandparents,  brother, friends,  nieces and nephews, Matthew, children of friends, ward members. It seems they all shared a common bond.  That is, that the first few weeks and months of the mission are HARD.  They are challenging and many of  them (if not most) wanted to give up.

So it got me thinking.  Doesn't that really make sense?  Heavenly Father is sending these missionaries out to teach those He has prepared to learn the gospel.  Wouldn't He also prepare the teachers?  Don't you suppose it makes sense for it to be hard, challenging, lonely and overwhelming to teach them from where they can find strength?  To teach them how to hear His voice, where to gain comfort and courage.  These are all things they will need as they teach.  So don't you suppose a refiners fire is totally appropriate and necessary?  They are being humbled, tutored and taught at the feet
of their Savior.  Instead of fighting the process, if they could only embrace it.  Trust HIM.  Put their faith in HIM.  Learn the lessons He is trying to teach them.  BELIEVE Him.  Believe not only that He lives and loves them, but that He can do ALL that He says He can do.  He can comfort, He can Bless, He can heal.  He can give them courage, strength, wisdom, and understanding.  What a blessing it is for Cassie to be part of this refining process.  She is learning to trust, learning to listen, learning the power and strength she has within her.  Most importantly she is learning to KNOW her Savior.  I couldn't be more pleased, or happier for her at this very moment.  Even though I know it is very difficult for her.  She is going to come out of this so much stronger.  These are super powers we are talking about here!!  She will be steadfast and immovable.  That is my wish for her, and though I miss her terribly, I can't feel sad for her, I can't feel sad for me.  I feel a great spirit of rejoicing at this opportunity for her.  She is gaining strength beyond anything I can imagine.

After finishing her letter tonight I was looking for a couple of quotes to add at the end.  I came across this picture.  It sums up everything I have felt this week as I have tried not to worry, prayed for her and pondered her experiences.  It sums up the trust I have, that I have placed her securely in the hands of my Savior and whatever will be, will be.  Whatever happens, He is strong enough to help all of us through it.  That's something to rejoice about.

Thanks for listening to my rant, and for your continued prayers on Cassie's behalf.  She is so blessed with a powerful support system!!  We Love You All!!


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