Thursday, July 7, 2016

King Noah moved 2 spots over!

Hola Familia!!!!

Ok so hopefully this is my last written out letter. I’m hoping I will have more time to write out in the field!  Ok so quick information, I leave next Tuesday (July 12) for Trujillo!!!!! Holy Moly!!!! I think I have to be at the airport at 2:45 am not quite sure. I’ll get all that information on Sunday. I will email you sometime during that day, I’m not sure when but it won’t be Monday or Wednesday like usual. I do know I will not call at all. Also Mom I haven’t gotten the package yet but I did talk to Hermana Moore and she said that if I don’t get it by the time I leave the CCM she will have it sent up to me. She is also helping me order a dress for the temple so that it is long enough. Hermana Moore is the 

My week has been a little bit boring there really hasn’t been anything exciting. I mean they moved all the pictures in the commador and King Noah is now 2 spots over. That was exciting.  The 4th of July the cooks made the Americanos hamburgers and fried chicken. And they made an American flag cake (that I couldn’t eat, but was very pretty) It was Awesome!!!! 

Ok so I have been feeling much better this week! After talking with Hermana Moore we decided to cut any type of dairy out of my diet completely (hence why I could not eat the cake) but it has already shown great effects. I still have small stomach aches but they are going away!!!! Also the cooks have been super nice, every meal they make food that doesn’t haven’t any milk in it and there is a lot of stuff they can make without milk so I’m not starving. I don’t get desserts as often but that is ok because I’m not gaining weight.  Actually because of the some of the workouts I’ve been doing I’ve actually lost some weight. 10 minutes planks are the bomb!!!!

Ok so quick spiritual thought then I’ll be done, there’s not really much else to say. Enduring to the end, we will have lots of times we can make excuses not to endure but true endurance is moving past those excuses. In Spanish endure to the end translates to persevere and I like that so much better! We are persevering to the end. Not enduring. Elder Mortenson one of our district leaders said “I don’t like the word endure, it sounds like we are just scraping along, I like persevering because it is taking what we have and going with it"

Love you All!!!!
Keep Persevering!!!!
Love Hermana McNamara

Attached are the pictures of what me and Hermana Clarke call the Dr. Seuss trees.  Hashtag Thneedville!!!!!!

Tidbits from our Email “chat”

Tell Bostin “congrats on the tooth lost” for me!!!

She was asking how Hiro & Simba were doing: “I miss my cuddle buddy!!!! Like none other!!! It’s so weird there are so many dogs here in Peru and I can’t touch any of them. It’s ridiculous!!! Jk not really. I don’t want to touch half of them they are all manged and half of them are really really mean! Anyways hopefully I’ll get to see some soon!

The sisters idea of the Thneedville Bush  (Truffula Tree)  I have no idea what this bush is actually called. LOL

Their version of Foliage of a Truffula Tree.  I am not certain what this bush is actually called.
For those of you who haven't seen the Lorax (gasp!)  THIS is Thneedville and its trees.


  1. Love hearing from you! I will now be changing "enduring to persevering" awesome thought! Love you Ms Cassie - so proud of you!

  2. Como esta tu Español?
    Good luck! Get well soonn enjoy Peruvian food!

  3. Como esta tu Español?
    Good luck! Get well soonn enjoy Peruvian food!