Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Guinea Pigs and Fire Jugglers

Hola Familia!!!! 

I’ve decided converting someone is like a football game. A football team does best on their home field. Just like the Spirit. If we can get an investigator to come to church, they are on the Spirits home field. Therefore, the Spirit will be able to "play" better and have the higher advantage. NOW before you can wonder who I heard that from I must stop you and let you sit down... 

I thought of it... myself. 

Yup I’m a big kid now. I can think of analogies.

Ok so I didn’t mention last week but I got to leave the CCM last Saturday for about 5 hours and go to the Lima East Mission and do some proselyting. It was Asombroso!!!! Me and Hermana Clarke got to go on a split with Hermana Barsallo and sit in on a lesson with a lady name Maria and she has diabetes, a broken arm, and can’t see real well. When we first were walking up she was outside waiting for us. And she greeted us and then had us wait outside for a minute.  Then we stepped into a hole in the ground and walked through a plywood door into her living room and she had shelfs everywhere, there were bottles of vodka in one corner and a basket of rotting carrots on the ground and cages of guinea pigs in another corner (which were there being fattened so they could be eaten, sorry Clarisa) It was literally a hole in the ground. BUT sitting across from me on a rickety table was a huge 82" (or bigger) LG HD flat screen tv! These people really have their priorities straightened out. But anyways the lección with Maria was so asombroso!!! I had the hardest time following the lección but I got part of it! And the Spirit was so strong. Hermana Barsallo had set the mood so that the Spirit could enter into Maria’s house and testify to her of the truth!  Fue Asombroso!!!!! 

Also I saw the Peruvian version of Home Depot. It’s a lot prettier and honestly reminds me of the shopping store in that Disney short film where Goofy goes to buy a bigger better TV. It’s awesome. Also when your stopped on a street at a light or something.  A guy will come out into the middle of the street and juggle fire. Hahaha I’m not scared of Peru at all.................................... 

I have 12 days left in my bubble at the CCM and I am terrified to go out into the world. I mean last night me and Hermana Clarke were walking back to our classroom for district meeting and on the way we heard two very close and very distinguished gun shots! yup not scared.........................

Anyways everything here has been pretty good. I did throw up once, but after email time today I’m going and having a talk with Hermana Moore to see what we can do. But other than that the only problem has been my blood sugar has been lower it’s not like pass out low but it’s been low enough it’s hard to wake up in the morning and it hard to just work. BUT Hermana Moore is a low blood sugar expert and that is another thing we are going to talk about in our little meeting. Also Mom and Dad to help you feel better my whole entire district knows what to do if my blood sugar does get too low and bad things happen! I mean Monday night I was super tired and it was the end of the day so I laid my head down on my desk during district planning and I started falling asleep. Well, one of the Elders is always asking how my blood sugar is doing because he thinks he’s a doctor but he has taught me a few tricks to check my blood sugar without having to go see the MTC doctor and it has been great because when I did go once the doctor backed up what he said and told me to use those tricks to my advantage. Anyways I’m laying down with my head on the desk and this Elder asked me a question and I didn’t respond so then he asked if I was ok * note I’m half asleep and not paying attention to this Elder, he talks A LOT) and apparently my eyelids started twitching and he freaked! The next thing I heard was " NO NO SHES NOT! SHE SEIZING!!!!!!!!!!!" hahahahahahahahaha And I just said no I’m not!!!! and I sat up. but in between the time of him saying seizing and me saying no the whole entire room (my district) was up on their feet and my companion was halfway across the room to go get help and sugar. So I really think I’m safe. I mean my whole district had a heart attack.

Ok so every morning we like walk through puddles but It never rains. Ever! It’s really humid, they lay towels down on the ground all the time. it’s like a thing here. Also bassoon in Spanish is bajón. I was very happy to find that in my dictionario. Also I ate fish, and it wasn’t gross. Also everyone here loves sublimes! like a lot! it’s kind of an ice-cream bar and I’m really tempted to try one. but I think I’ll wait till after I talk with Hermana Moore. We also had a 10-minute conversation with our teacher one morning trying to explain frosting to her. it was soooooooo exciting. 

Thanks for getting that package sent mom! They really will help! Also I found out Monday that my night teacher is 23 and 2nd counselor in his bishopric!!!!!!! AND HE IS A FULL TIME STUDENT!!!!!!! that is a little crazy. 

Also dad I found the perfect word in Spanish for you if you ever come to Peru. It’s Papel higiénico which means Toilet paper. 

Anyways I hope you all have a good week!!!!! Tell Hiro and Simba Hi for me and cuddle with Bagheera for me! 

Also, little side note out there to my dearest cousin Kirsten. You know how you love dogs???? Do not come to Peru, my heart breaks a little every time I go outside the walls because there is a stray dog on every corner! I mean they are everywhere it is really sad!!!!!!!!

Love you all!!!
Hermana McNamara

(Cassie was able to let me know she was online, and we were able to “email chat” about a few things.  Her closing remarks were priceless so I decided to share them here)

I only have 2 minutes left to type but I am super happy here. Everyday I know this fight is worth it! Every time!!! OK I have minute! Love you lots!!!!1 (there is a timer in the corner that counts down and it is literally super stressful!!!!!) 
Love you!!! email you next week!!!!!!
Tell Dad I hope he feels better!!!!!!

(** Side note from Kim:   Before I get a lot of emails worried about her health, Cassie had a period of time when she had some issues with low sugars in High School.  They seemed to be related to stress and locking her knees when she would perform with the band.  She has not had a single episode in almost 2 years.   In our chat she was able to tell me that they are thinking her low sugar episodes are stress related and the changes in food etc.  It sounds like they are on top of helping her figure it out.  She seems to have considerable (and justified) anxiety about learning the language and leaving the CCM.   I think once she gets to her mission, gets settled and starts fixing food for herself and builds some confidence in herself, she will be just fine.  Thank You for continued prayers on her behalf!  We Love You All!!!)



  1. LOVE seeing the pictures - what an amazing group of the Lord's missionaries!

  2. LOVE seeing the pictures - what an amazing group of the Lord's missionaries!