Saturday, June 4, 2016

Look Out Peru - Here comes Hermana McNamara! - 5-31-2016

The long awaited day has finally arrived.  She had a long day of travel ahead!  We started early with breakfast together at Denny's, not knowing when she would get to eat again.  It was bright and early, but delicious.

Clarisa had filming for the UTah Valley Children's Choir,
so She and Cassie said farewell at the house
before we left for the airport,

All the way to the airport....
Totally at peace enough to sleep...
Couldn't be prouder of this girl!!
All checked in, waiting to go

Ready to take on the World!!!  Well, Peru at least.


Gone.....You can see the back of her pink shirt in the middle.
First stop.......CHOCOLATE!

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