Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I Love It Here So Much!

Hola Familia! 

So I only have an hour to write so I am going to try and fit in as much info as possible.
First off Happy Birthday Matthew!!! Also Happy Father’s Day!!!!! I love you lots!!!! You’re the best example to me!!! 

Ok so now for the week. Literally there is so much has happened. Mom I can’t respond to your questions here because the email is jack so I hope I can answer them in my email. 

So traveling was nice, lots of wind, but it was pretty cool. My luggage survived except one handle it busted,
but its ok. So the first actual day here in the CCM it was kinda an orientation day, we got our name tags found out who our companions are. It was a little crazy but super fun. The next day we started with
classes. My districts teachers at the moment are the best! But that will change when the Avanzados leave. Oh by the way there are 7 people in my district. Elder Denler - he is our DL.  Elder Carlson - he already knows Spanish but wanted to be in the CCM for more than 3 weeks , Hermana Moeaki- She’s Polynesian, and she is a hoot we are always laughing around her. Hermana Lee- She is from Spokane Washington and she has 13 siblings holy cow!!! , Hermana Hurdklotz - is from Minnesota and she is always 15 minutes early for everything. ANNNND Hermana Clarke She is from Bountiful and my Companera while I’m here at the CCM She is the and super funny! She is amazing.

Ok and now story time. So Thursday was an interesting day. It started off pretty well and we sat down to breakfast and I suddenly felt really sick. So I told Hermana Clarke we need to run to the bathroom
because I’m going to throw up. The closest bathroom is in our dorm building and so we were running across the court yard and about half way across I just threw up everywhere haha ya no. but its ok, they power wash the sidewalks every other day. But the Advanzados elders just sat there and stared at me while my companion went and grabbed a garbage can. It was really awkward. But I still went to all my classes and was playing soccer later that day so I don’t know why I threw up I just did. 

So we have already taught 6 leccions in Spanish and it has been so hard All of the people in my district have had at least 1 year of Spanish behind them. Then there is me, I have none. So I feel a little behind but Hermana Clarke has been so nice! During language study she helps me with getting caught up. Like I said she is amazing! And the last 2 leccions with Rolando (our current investigator aka our teacher Hermano Quispitpc) I was able to do some of my teaching without notes it was so awesome! 

(sidenote: no judging my typing these keyboards are weird)

Ok anyways last Friday though Hermano Quispitpc had to give me a little pep talk Friday because I didn’t feel like my leccions had been going very well. I’m doing good now. I mean I’m still discouraged, this language is really hard. But it’s all good now, I’m trying to stay positive. 


Sundays are the best!! The spirit is so strong! I Love It! Our branch President is so freaking amazing He's so funny, and he’s from Bountiful. His name is President Bill Murray -  hahahaha Bill Murray. And President Moore and Hermana Moore are amazing they are our CCM president and wife. They are so freaking kind! Hermana Moore is so sweet! She always gives you a hug when she comes into a room or when she leaves a room! Oh and Sunday was Fast Sunday so all the Avanzados got up and bore their testimony. It is so cool! Oh President Moore threw a humming bird out the window. Two got stuck in building A and so we opened a window and the first one flew out but the second one just couldn’t figure it out, so President Moore just picked it up and threw it out the window hahaha. . It was crazy1 Also there is a flightless duck that lives here on the campus and his name is Robin. Haha he’s funny. 

Monday we had to go to Interpol and just so you know driving in Peru is crazy! I swear we hit 10 people but our driver just kept going. Anyways while we were at Interpol we met Tarzan aka Javier and he is a world surfer and he is starting a business in Trujillo and wants us to contact him! How cool is that?!?! Last night we watched a live devotional with Elder Bednar. It was broadcasted from Provo but it was amazing!!! 

A few things I liked that he said were 

“The first word God said to Man in this dispensation was 'Joseph'.  
"God knows us one by one" " 
There is no such thing as a coincidence when you are on the Lords errand" 

Also he wrote a song titled ‘One by One’ that will be printed in next month’s New Era. It is amazing and I cried when I heard it. So that’s the first Apostle for this week. Tomorrow Elder Rasband is coming here to the CCM to do a devotional! I’m so excited!!! " Things [move] really fast !  Mom will you send me the lyrics for  “How Great Shall Be Your Joy" by Janice Kapp Perry? Matthew has a copy I think. I really just need the lyrics. 

Anyways I’m running out of time! I hope I answered all your questions.

Oh PS I have already tried fish and it is really good here! I love it here so Much!
The Gospel is true! Love you lots! 

Love Hermana McNamara

The Hermanas in our room / district

Me and Hermana Clarke

The view from our study nook
Its not smog, its just fog that never goes away

Where we take pictures from

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  1. I was so excited to get your email yesterday! You sounds great-your adventure in sharing the gospel has begun! I am so jealous! Enjoy every minute of serving the Lord. It looks like you have some great sisters to work with. Love you!