Saturday, June 4, 2016

Family Fun Day!! 5-22-2016

We decided to escape as a family and have some time together before things got crazy and it was time for Cassie to leave.  The weather wasn't totally cooperative, and we saw everything from rain and snow to heat and sunshine.  We visited a lot of our favorite picnic spots and getaways.  Cassie wanted to enjoy the beautiful mountains around us.  It was a great day, with lots of fun memories.

Gentri performing with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Our day began at Temple Square where we saw Gentri perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  The smile on Cassie's face in the picture above speaks VOLUMES about how she felt being there.  She discovered Gentri a few months ago, and they have been a big part of her mission preparations.  They have encouraged her, taught her, and soothed her as she prepared to embark on this adventure.  She was overwhelmed with joy at being there.

Pretty sure she almost fainted here.  These 3 are some of her greatest heroes and role models.  You would think it was the 70's and she had seen the Beatles.  This was the HIGHLIGHT of her whole day, week and probably year!  LOL  After shaking their hands, she totally did a Marsha Brady and said she was never washing her hand again.

Beautiful view of a snowy Temple.

I Spy TWO you?

One of our favorite spots, and SO many memories here.  We love the Flats.

It was snowing and FREEZING at first.

Clarisa's impression of Sid the Sloth.  LOL  #IceAge

We LOVE our Picnics!

The beautiful scenery around us was exactly what we needed.  This is another favorite spots loaded with memories. Jordanelle Nature Center

These two have shared a special bond since the day she was born.
She has always been, and always will be a Daddy's girl.

He's gonna miss her - hope he can let her go. LOL

Bridal Veil Falls will ALWAYS be a favorite! Its my personal favorite because of Savannah Smiles.  My favorite movie, but not my families. LOLOL  Lots of eye-rolls every time I want to watch it. LOL

Until we meet again.  Our last family picture until she returns home.
Thank You to the kind gentleman who offered to take it with all of us in it. 

It was such a beautiful day.  I will be reflecting on these pictures daily until she returns.  The beauty and the memories soothes my soul.

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