Saturday, June 4, 2016

I'm Alive!!!!!!

No sweeter words than news that she is okay, and happy.  
I didn't correct any grammar, she'll explain why.  LOL
Next letter should be Wednesday June 8th, 2016


From: Cassie LaDean Mc Namara

To: Kim McNamara 

Jun 1

Ok so i only have like 5 minutes to email. But the flight was good! i
actually enjoyed it. Also my P-Day is next wednesday so that is when
you will hear from me again. Ok this keyboard is really weird so no
judging my grammar or anything! i cant find have of the stuff we use
at home. Also in the MTC i only have 60 minutes to email before i get
kicked out of the email. plus it takes like 5 minutes to load so ill
have to figure things out that way... Ok so Peru is so freaking cool!
so last night when we were driving through lima at 1 am it wasw so
freaky, it honestly reminds me of the movie rio except nothing is that
nice here. The only nice buildings are the mcdonalds and the car
dealerships. K im getting the signal to finish. ill email next
wednesday. and i will tell you about walking through a cloud!  Love
you Hermana McNamara


  1. Cassie, glad you made it safe, you know know why I was.happy to go to Trujillo, Lima is crazy, traffic, a lot of people, garbage everywhere.
    It has nice places, but not all lima.