Monday, August 15, 2016

I'm hanging but I'm there...

Hola Familia!!!

Ok first let me hurry and answer your questions. I have not heard anything on my package yet. I    
might this week and possibly next week. When the newbies from the CCM come to the mission, someone said sometimes that they forward packages with the next transfer. Also mom there is a courier that goes to Peru. They have a Facebook page. Hermana Marble was telling me about it. And apparently it is a lot cheaper. One Hermana in the mission gets a package every month from her parents. Crazy. Also the picture you took of my apartment last week is correct. Go through the small window on the second floor and that’s my front door. pretty nasty... jk  I’ll admit it, It does look pretty sketchy. Do not send mail to that address! I will not get it.  Send it to the mission home or to the mission offices. All that information should be on the mission Facebook page. Hermana Marble has a bunch of info and all that jazz on there.

So I’m doing better this week. I’m not fantastic and I probably wouldn’t say I’m good. But I’m taking each day by day and pushing through it. I’ve discovered one thing about the mission this last week and it’s that the mission brings out emotions in a person they didn’t know they had. This last week’s I’ve been struggling a bit with anxiety, it’s been rough because I’ve always been a super tough person and now here I am finding myself freaking out over little things that don’t matter. It’s even worse when my companion doesn’t talk to me for like 5 hours. Ya that really brings out the anxiety. lucky me I’ve got an awesome mission president who has been helping me a lot. And there is a book they gave us at the beginning of the field that’s really been helpful. And again I’m just taking each day 1 at a time.

ok now for all the good stuff. 

I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luis got baptized!!!! Anyways I know he is gonna be a great member in the church. He’s already started being a missionary! He invited his friend to come to church and he was really happy to have him there because none of his family came for his confirmation. he’s 11 and his friend is 9 and they came alone! I am so proud of him.
Oh and something weird happened this week. My companion got sick Wednesday and she had to not proselyte for the last part of the day because her head hurt so bad. Well the next morning at breakfast she was telling our Pensinista about it and I kinda zoned out for a minute and then I looked up again after zoning out and my Peninista is wiping down my companion with a piece of newspaper. ok weird... well it gets weirder. After she finished wiping my companion down she crumpled up the paper went off to the side and lit it on fire. Did I mention that we are in her house? Which is technically our house too!!!!  ya apparently here in Trujillo there is a disease called "chucaque" its only in Trujillo and you get it from someone who looks at you with strong eyes. (when they glare at you) so basically it’s a curse. These people are very superstitious. Very. It’s kinda funny but can we keep the lighting things on fire for a different place? Like outside? 

Also mom can you send me the lyrics for the song Michael Jackson sings in Free Willy???

Oh and I learned that here "freaking" is a really bad word. Ya I learned that the hard way. We were in a meeting with the ward mission leader.... ya I am never gonna live that down.  Anyways it’s been fun here!!!   

This next week will be better I know it! 

Love you all! 



Memories and quotes that keep her going.....

I suspect this is where she lost her glasses.

Holding onto memories....

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