Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It’s Been Rough


Ok, so it’s really been a rough week. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. We didn’t have a lot of our investigators or menos activos let us into their homes and we mainly spent most of this week walking. Oh and the adventure is I got to fly back to Lima yesterday and get my immigration card. Literally the most boring day of my life but I got to spend some bonding time with Hermana Herdklotz from the CCM. That was pretty exciting! I am officially legal in Peru. 

Now here’s the other adventure of the week. I lost my glasses. Yup you read that right I lost my glasses. Lucky me I have my old prescription. Here’s what happened so I was getting a really bad headache and so I took them off and put them in a case then put them in the side pocket of my back pack. I made sure they were securely in there and wouldn’t fall out. Then I got in a moto taxi and we rode a distance got out at the church and then we went into the church. I went to go grab my glasses and they were gone. Yea I cried. I left them in the moto taxi. Elder McEwin says once you’ve lost something in a moto taxi you’ll never get it back, I’m still praying for a miracle because that was my only pair with the correct prescription but you know..... so that was exciting. 

Sunday in church we actually filled the chapel with people and it was cool to hear a bunch of Peruvian people sing off key it was fun. And there were 3 baby blessings and that’s pretty awesome here. Also my companion thinks she is an investigator. We went to a menos activos house and started to teach a lesson and then the couple started fighting, now usually in this situation we are just supposed to leave and tell that they can counsel with their bishop. Well my companion decided to stay and give some advice and I think it just made it worse. It was literally the worse 45 minutes of my life. Also one of our investigators almost passed out in Sunday school, I was really hoping she was going to have an Alma the Younger experience. Also mom can you send me the lyrics for I can go the distance from Hercules. that’s been my motivating factor this week. Anyways short email because I don’t have much time. 

Love you all!!!
Love Hermana McNamara

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