Monday, August 29, 2016

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Hola Familia!

Well this week’s been good. Last Monday Hna. Chaparro and I went to the Laredo market (this place is dirty) but we were walking around and my companions shoe broke. so while we hunted for a shoe repair shop she just walked around without her shoe. gross.

Things are going good in the lessons with investigators. we went hunting for old investigators and in the process of finding one we went into part of my area id never been before. It was awesome! why? I finally found some green! We found this field and I was so happy that I had my companion take a picture of me next to the field. I even climbed over a junk pile for the picture. But man do I miss green. I can see mountains from my area, but they are dirt brown. (yes I know they are covered in dirt) 

Ok so everybody here keeps telling me because I can’t eat or drink dairy that mosquitos are gonna eat me alive. I haven’t really had a problem until this last week. I forgot to wear bug spray for 4 hours and I have more than 30 bites on my legs. What is in milk that mosquitos don’t like? how can I get it without drinking milk?  I will take any options.

Ok funny thing this week.  Saturday night my stomach hurt so bad. I could not sit up and walking was even worse! and we had two really awesome lessons planned! so I decided to suffer through the pain. Man was the suffering worth it! they were great lessons! Why is it funny you may ask? well its funny because it seems whenever I am at my worst God always seems to make everything go right.  But the picture of me laying on the floor is me during planning after the lessons. it hurt so bad to sit up so I laid out on the floor and still did my planning. 

So one of the members in my ward here named his son after Jeffery R. Holland. I thought that was pretty cool.

Apparently missionaries don’t have agency here. because I now have to participate in wards talent show...... and my companion is making me sing. I’m really glad these people can’t tell if I’m in tune or not.

Anyways that’s all from down here!

Love you all!!! Have a great week! 

Love Hna. McNamara

Beautiful Dress!!

Cassie got me this cute elephant necklace for Christmas. She also got her one so we could wear them while she was gone and think about and pray for each other. (AWE) She was telling me today that her chain broke, and she hasn't been able to fine a new chain or the little loops needed to fix it. So she went and got her this beautiful dress, that I found out later is covered with elephants. It made her feel better. (AWE!) What a sweet girl I have. Now I just want to know one thing......Where's MY elephant dress!?! LoL. JK....kinda...


SO happy to see GREEN!
I am sure it was difficult for her to NOT run through this field!  LOL

I think this is her favorite meal!  lomo saltado

Not gonna lie......this frightens me....

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