Monday, September 5, 2016

Please Send Oreos!!!!!!!!!!

Ok guys Peru’s got a small problem. Their Oreos don’t taste like Oreos! AND They don’t have Swedish fish, peanut butter, or Cheese-its! I might die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Jk jk JK it’s all good, but seriously I went to go try an Oreo from Peru and it tasted like rotten tooth paste. it was so gross! I made sure it was sealed so I’m not sure what’s wrong with them. Also the snacks here are pretty awful, lets just say we are really blessed in America when it comes to snacks. Oh sad part about my mission, I can’t eat strawberries because of germs and such, but its strawberry season here and man am I craving them like none other... I’m gonna want a big bowl first thing when I get home in 15 months.  Oh did I mention? I have now completed 3 months in the mission. Yup! that’s a little weird. Matthew your birthday is my one year mark, thought that was cool! Also time is starting to go a little faster. The days feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days. 

So I learned this week that the people here really really hate dogs. They’ll throw rocks at them and just flat out abuse them. it’s really terrible. There are a few people I’ve met that actually have pet dogs and they actually treat their dogs with a little more respect. I would still consider a lot of it animal abuse and some lessons are really hard to sit through. But I will say thank you for teaching me Cesar Milan Mom, it has definitely been helpful! One member has learned he can hide behind me because I know how to get rid of them or help them be friendly. It’s great. One follows me around everywhere and it’s even better because when he’s with me the drunks won’t come near me at all. So I’ve started calling him my amigo. ha-ha 

Ok so the older lady in the picture with me is Kristel and she is such a sweet lady! she is one of our investigators, and she’s struggling a little bit with getting to church because her husband is very much against it, and honestly her husband scares me. But she believes the book of Mormon is true and all that jazz so I feel like if she is patient the Lord will bless her. 

The second picture is of me and Rafael Camacho and his sister Dayana. Ok Rafael is literally the funniest 12-year-old I have ever met! He is a hoot! Whenever we have a rough day in lessons we go teach Rafael because he always makes us laugh. 

So this weeks is short because I left my notes for this email in my apartment. But things are better! I’m not very homesick anymore and I’m able to participate in the lessons more. The Spanish is improving. oh I did learn this week that I have been saying dad wrong. There are 2 ways to say papa ... papa and papá. that little accent makes all the difference. Sorry dad I’ve been calling you a potato since I got here.... oops.... Anyways love you all lots!!!! Hope your week is great!!! 

Hna. McNamara

Hermana Chaparro,  Kristel, Hermana McNamara

Kristel, Hermana McNamara

Cassie in her new dress!  She finally got her package we sent her 3rd week in the MTC.

With Flash....LOL

Without Flash. LOL

Rafael & Dayana Camacho & Hermana McNamara

Grandma McNamara's 75th Birthday Wishes!

The long lost package.....

Happy Girl, she got her package and American candy. LOL

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