Sunday, October 16, 2016

Well another week another dollar - 10/10/2016

Hola Familia!!!

OK so I have a lot to say and not a lot of time! 

So last Monday after writing we went to a members chacra and well basically its just sand but it really was so much fun!!! I got a nice watch tan line because of it! And there was this random seesaw in a park with a bunch of tires it was honestly the best!!!! I sent a picture of how many grown men we can fit on a 2 person bench in this mini buses that have here its pretty awful but hey the elders were happy to pose in a picture for me. 

This last week I was studying in Matthew 7 because the people here really know the bible and honestly I don't. So I've been working on getting to know that better. Isaiah hasn't been too fun hahahaha its like learning Spanish but I'm getting it bit by bit. I've been praying for the gift of tongues on that one. Anyways I have been studying in Matthew 7 and the part about the captain coming to Christ and asking for him to heal is servant really got me thinking. Jesus every time he performs a milagro he always always recognizes the persons faith. The captain is an example. But I realized Christ only could perform those miracles because of the persons faith. The same is for us. When we act on our faith here in the earth that is the only time that God or Jesus Christ can bless us. Thought that was interesting for you all.

Today  I got to have a pday in the morning with my mission president and he honestly in the bomb diggity! We played a bunch of games and got to know our president more!! Then after we went to the plaza and ate at TGI Fridays!! Yup they have those here in Peru and it was really good to eat American food!! 

Muchos personas here in centenario don't want to hear about what we have to offer. Especially coming from an American. Yesterday we talked with a guy that when my companion would talk was attentive and really interested. Then I started talking and he told us to leave and never come back.............................................. They really don't like Americans. Its all good though I love them anyways!!!! 

Love you all!!! Hope you all have a good week!!! Really jealous a lot of you will be getting snow!!!! I want some!!!!! Its starting to get really hot here and its miserable! We get crammed in the Combis and its even worse. Ha ha 25 people in a mini van is not very fun!!! 

Anyways Love you all!!! Enjoy the cold while you got it!!! 

Love Hermana McNamara
chacra = ranch
milagro = miracle
Muchos = many

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