Sunday, October 30, 2016

Faith and Allergic Reactions 10/24/2016

Hola Familia!!!!

Well as you can see from my subject line this week has been an event in and of itself. First off I got bit by a really weird bug. Weird because I have no idea what bug bit me. Here's the worse part I had a really bad allergic reaction to the bug bite. I was on Benedryl for 3 days and my foot around the bug bite was swollen and walking was just plain awful. Haha I tried to take some pictures but they didn't really do the effect justice. I'm good now and I can walk normal, but I am really praying I don't get bit by this bug again. 

Now the faith part. So we have been busy helping the familia Aldabe get ready for their marriage on the 31st and we thought we had all the paper ready to go and then we got to the municipalidad and they said we need 4 more papers and we have to have them to the municipalidad by today. Well one of the papers needed is in Otusco. This city is a 8 hour bus ride away from where I'm at now. Now we panicked a little but then a member stepped up and said that he was willing to take the bus ride and go get this paper. As of right now he hasn't gotten back yet so we are definitely working with our faith here and praying a ton. But I believe it will all work out.

Jose Salinas said that he has the desire to get baptized!!! I'm so happy!!! All he has to do now is get divorced and then married again........... Im really feeling like I am a marriage counselor, I'm gonna marry all of Peru before I come home. But we were promised by a member because Jose is older that the process is going to be 10x easier. I'm excited to see how God works this out. 

I had an inter cambio this last week as well and it was good. My companion expressed before she left our area for the 24 hours that she really didn't have confidence that I could lead the area, I didn't really like that but I proved her wrong. Hermana Garcia and I worked really hard and we now have 3 new investigators because of this one day. I'm really working to help my companion have confidence in me I feel like that will help. Transfers are in 3 weeks and its very likely that she will leave so I am working really hard to get her confidence in me up. 

I'm grateful for all my experiences this week and I'm so excited for this next week!
I miss you all!!! Hope you all have a good week!!! And remember all things are possible through the Atonement!! 

Love Hermana McNamara

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