Monday, October 3, 2016

" Loose their Thumbs!"

Hola Familia!!! 
Well Everyone How are you all doing??? I am still a such a spiritual high from conference. This last weekend was so amazing!!! As you can tell from my subject line I really liked Elder Dallin H Oaks talk. Before conference though my companion was saying there was a good chance that all of conference was going to be in Spanish. I wasn’t panicking but I was definitely praying that I could watch it in English. I mean my Spanish is better but it is definitely not apostle good. Lucky me and 4 other missionaries we got to watch all of conference in English and it was the best!!! I loved loved loved the question President Hales asked " If we loved the Savior more would be suffer less?" Here in the mission you really learn what love is, and one thing I have learned about love is that if you don’t love the Savior or God we can’t love others. We can’t help people suffer less. At times it is so hard to love others, trust me I know. In the moments when my companion is not treating me the best or won’t talk to me that is when I’ve discovered it’s really hard to love my companion, and in these moments is when I’ve suffered less. Because I know in these moments that my Savior loves me and my companion and that is usually how I make it through to the next day. 

Speaking about companions... I am no longer in training as a missionary! I am officially a missionary whether I can speak the language or not. Also I found out transfer this week and......................... I’m gonna be in this area with my trainer Hermana Chaparro for one more transfer. I’m excited to see what God has instore for me and Hermana Chaparro in this next transfer. Now I am gonna be honest this next transfer is probably gonna be hard, and its gonna have its up and downs but as President Russell M Nelson said " my suffering was swallowed up in the joy of Jesus s is my goal for this next transfer is for my suffering to be swallowed up in the Joy of Jesus. I know through Prayer and through the help of my Loving Heavenly Father this next transfer can be one of my best even with its ups and downs. 

This last week we started teaching a family. Now the parents have lived together for 16 years and haven’t gotten married, so we really had to focus on that because they can’t get baptized until after a wedding. This October 24 is another massive civil wedding and so we told them about it and Hermana Yovanna (The mom) was like yea sure I’ll get married. Hermana Fransico (the dad) said that the date was really pronto and that he needs more time. Now we had a member with us in the lesson and His name is Hermano Jorge. Hermano Jorge use to be a Bishop and he pulls gospel doctrine lessons together in 2 minutes. He’s añsp very very chistoso! Very. So he turned to Hermano Fransico and I was expecting like a huge inspirational comment and Hermano Jorge only said " 16 years wasn’t enough time???" hahahahaha so Saturday we went back and Hermano Fransico and Yovanna are getting married the 24th of this month!!! And the whole family has a baptism date for the 29th! We are honestly so excited!!!! 

That’s all I got for you wonderful people this week!!! Have a good week! Trust God! Remember our stumbling blocks can become our stepping stones!!! 

Love You!
Love Hermana McNamara

P.S. This coming Domingo is my little Sisters 15 birthday!!! I’m doing the best I can from here, but I’d love it if y’all could send her a shout out this day!!! oh and she’s also getting her permit so watch out on the roads!!!! ;) Love you Clarisa!!!!!!! 


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