Monday, November 14, 2016

Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuun - 11-07-2016

Hola Familia!

You all sang the subject line I know it. Whether in your head or out loud it happened. 
Ok so this week has been good. We are heading into the last week in this transfer and we are gonna end it off with a baptism!!!! Yay!!! Now its not the Famila Aldabe and its not Jose ( the 80 year old guy getting divorced). Its Ivone and she decided this last week that she is gonna get baptized this Friday!!!! 
Now her testimony on how she got her answer for baptism is really really amazing. SO down here in the great land of Peru dreams have huge significance, and Ivone had an amazing dream. In her dream she saw a guy dressed in a white tunic and sandals ( me and my comp and all the other missionaries in my district think its Jesus) and she said that she didn't recognize him, but she felt good and safe. Now she goes on in her dream that he hands her a card with the original goal for baptism. She then met with us ( still in the dream) and during this meeting with us the date changes to 11 de Noviembre. And so Ivone is getting Baptized this Friday. 11 de Noviembre. Pretty amazing!!!!! 

Now this last week as well we taught a man named Christian and he is really nice and really receptive. Now when we taught him he could not let go that the catholic church is the true church. Every other sentence he was mentioning the catholic church. So near the end of the visit we asked him " are you Catholic?"  we assumed he was.... ya his response. "no." hahaha it was just so cheeky. He couldnt let it go and he wasn't even a part of the church or had plans to be a part of that church. haha but he accepted a goal for baptism the last day in December. How cool is that. 

Anyways so we are now in November and here in Peru they don't have Thanksgiving! They don't really even have a holiday here in November. Its kinda sad. I really want some mashed potatoes!  Everyone eat a plate of mash potatoes and think of me. I'm pretty sure though when I get home I'm not gonna want anything to do with potatoes or rice. I'm already sick of it haha and I have 13 more months, ahg! Oh well one thing I'm adjusting to. 

Also one thing I've learned this week. I really nickname Mormons.... I'm not even kidding we are members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So many people here won't listen to us because we are Mormons. We were in a lesson with an investigator and we introduced ourselves as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Now he listened to everything and was super receptive up until the Book of Mormon. When we introduced the Book of Mormon he asked are you guys Mormons" yes that is just a nick name though" ya it went down hill from there all because he said that Mormons don't believe in Christ they believe in Mormon. Now why do I add this in my email??? I have a challenge for all of you, when you introduce yourself to someone with what your religion is, first say that you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints then after use Mormon.

Anyways!!! Love you all so much!!! Thank you for all the support!!!!1

Love Hermana McNamara

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