Monday, December 26, 2016

Feliz Navidad!!!!!!!! 12-26-2016

Hola Familia!!!!
First off sorry I didn't get a letter out to you guys last week I ran out of time haha. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the mission to finish all the things you want. But a lot has happened in the last week. First off Jose Salinas the 78 year old man got married!! and then yesterday for the navidad he got baptized!!!!!!! hallelujah!!!!! It was so amazing!!!!!! He shared his testimony after and he cried and I cried and well it was a pretty big crying fest. He said hes been searching so long for the true church and he finally found it! It was amazing!!!

Also my comp. has been transferred and I'll be getting a new companion tomorrow. I'm a little sad Hna. Chacon left. She was my saving angel and now she's gone haha. But I know it will be good with my new companion. I haven't met yet her yet. but I'm gonna trust in my own attitude and in God. I know if I trust him it will be good with all my companions. Also everybody from my original district has left the district and I'm the only one left. It will definitely be weird but it will totally be awesome!!!

Yes I did get to speak with my family yesterday it was pretty amazing! I know all you returned missionaries know the pain of hanging up after. haha it was pretty crazy. I hung up and then I just sat there and stared at the computer and it was so sad because I cried for a good 30 minutes. Then the members house that we were in she brought me cake and my comp. was like remember why your here Hna McNamara.    It was good to have a cry but then after I was able to focus on the work with only a slight head ache from the crying haha.  But I can't even imagine what the reunion in heaven is gonna be like if my joy to see my family is this strong!!! This is my motivation,  it is to help the people here in Peru have the same joy that I felt when I saw my family but or them when they see their families.

There's not really much left to report! I hope you all have a good new years and well I see y'all next year!!!! literally haha

Love Hermana McNamara

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