Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!!!!!!! 01-02-2017

Hola Familia!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!
Hope your parties were great!!!!
Peru doesn't really celebrate New Years very different. The only difference is that there is a ton of drinking and lots of fire works!!!!

This last week has been rough I'm not gonna lie. We have had a lot of lessons just fall through and then others they have flat out said to our face that they don't want to listen. But I'm still being positive. because apart from all this roughness there have been a couple people we have contacted that I think we are gonna be able to help out a lot. First off this last week we met a guy named Demetrio and we sat outside his house for a bit and we learned that while he was living in Argentina he went to church in the Mormon church, but never talked with the missionaries and never got baptized. When he told us that I responded "well hermano this is good because we are missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or we are also known as the Mormons!!!" We had a great conversation with him after and I'm excited to see how he progresses. Also I have gotten over my fear of knocking on doors. Actually I LOVE knocking on doors!!!! why might you ask? well when I'm walking down the street i have a hard time contacting people that i can see because before i even get to talk to them I've already judged them. oh this person isn't ready or this person doesn't look like someone interested in God. But when i knock doors i cant see the person that's going to answer the door, i cant judge them before i start talking to them! It gives everybody the chance to hear the gospel and not let my thoughts of man get in the way. Now that being said i am working on getting over this not very good at contacting people in the street! Actually Demetrio is a street contact! I'm working on becoming more like my Savior! I just want to see all the people how God and Christ sees them. With love. This is my goal for this new year. Work on becoming more like Christ so that I can recognize the love God has for all his children and that way I'm just talking to every person in the street! haha a new years goal I'm actually going to accomplish!

My new comp. is pretty awesome! I think we are gonna accomplish a lot here!

I'm really grateful for all the opportunities I've been given.
Have a good week!!!!! Hope you all have set some pretty awesome goals!!!!!!
Love Hermana McNamara

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