Monday, January 9, 2017

Hay Calor!!!!!!! - 01/09/2017

Hola Familia!!!!!

Well this week was a little bit harder than the last. We are still knocking doors and contacting people in the street but I feel like soon or later we are going to find the people that God wants us to come in contact with! I have Lots of Faith and I'm just gonna keeping going. Yes ill be honest its a little disheartening and sometimes its hard to get the motivation to leave our apartment because we know that we are just going to be walking around in this absolutely crazy heat. But yesterday we were talking with a member and he gave the ejemplo (example) of the alfalfa plant. He said a lot of people here grow the alfalfa plant here and when its ready to be vended they cut just above the roots and vend the part they've cut off. But to keep the plant healthy and to produce good alfalfa every 5 years you have to remove the roots from the ground, freshen the soil and put in nutrients and replant the alfalfa. He said our faith is sometimes like that. we get so caught up in what we have to do we get disheartened and don't start to produce "good alfalfa" but we can replant our roots. .... now this got me thinking about this area and i don't know how to pull out the roots of this area and put in nutrients and replant it again but I'm going to find away. we are knocking doors, we are contacting but we must not be doing it enough. so one goal for me this week is I'm going to count how many doors I knocked the day before and the next day knock 2 more than before. I know this probably means a lot of walking but it will be good.

Now that being said yes I am dying of heat here. please send snow!!! haha its hot enough that during our little preparation time we have in the afternoon we take a shower to get all the sweat from the morning off haha. the people here say that its the rain season but I have yet to be pleased with what they call rain. its like 5 drops and then its over. 

Anyways hope you all have a good week!!!! Thanks for all the support!!!!
Love Hna. McNamara

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