Monday, January 23, 2017

Experiences for the journal!!!! 1-23-2017

Hola Familia!!!!!!😀
Ya so this week was good for what went on haha. We were able to have a obra misional activity and it was super fun! Except only 8 people came and 4 was my family that recently got converted and the other 4 were 2 members and 2 of their friends. So we were able to talk with them and get some visitas and 2 new investigators. But it was also really sad because the members just werent willing to support the activity. I'm not giving up hope on this ward but they definetly could be a tiny bit more supportive. 

I had a pretty cool experience this last week.  We were teaching a lesson with our investigator called Nurin and we were teaching about the plan of salvation. He had a ton of questions about the ressurection and random questions that didnt really make sense sometimes. ( his mom is israelita) but when we got to testify i felt prompted to give the example of my brother who is blind. I didnt know really what to say so i just kind of went for it and prayed the spirit would help me to know what to say. But i testified that ya my brother is blind and cant do the things he loves to do. but because he has the knowledge of the plan of salvation  he knows that even if hes never going to see again hes going to have a perfect body after the ressurrection. ALl because his savior suffered for him. and after i said that Nurin kind of went really quiet and just kinda said wow thats cool. .... It was so cool!!!!!!!!! But it also helped me to be more at peace with my brother, it really was edifying for my investigator and for me. And i give all credit to the spirit for what i said because it just kinda flowed out of my mouth. yay! 😁

Also this last week i was studying a talk from Bishop Dean M Davies from the conference of october and i love a few things that he said. "But when the holy Spirit filled their hearts, doubt and reluctance vanished."  (saw this with Nurin) "Spiritual experiences have less to do with what is happening around us and everything to do with what is happening within our hearts" i really thought about this in the lessons. like alot of the times we blame little kids,  dogs, or the tv for why the spirit leaves but in reality the spirit depends on us. we bring the spirit we create the spiritual experiences. It really put my  ind in perspective and i have written in my agenda for every day. "Where is your heart?" SO i can remind myself that right now for them it all depends on me. 
I hope you all have a great week!!!!!! Love you tons and thankyou for all the support!!!!!!!  
Love Hermana McNamara
p.s. I finally figured out how to use the emoji thing here!!!! 😁😊😎😋😃😘😘😘


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