Monday, February 27, 2017

9 MONTHS!!!!! - 02/27/2017

HOLA Familia!!!!!!!
Ya OK so this last week was a little bit more exciting than the last week! First off i got to sit in a Peruvian emergency room for one night and that was super fun!!!! Now it was me that was sick so that is why it was fun! I was there because my compy. has got a nice stomach infection. poop but ya know she is doing great now and plus we got to have a fun experience in the hospital. Now emergency rooms here are literally the smallest things i have ever seen. the sound of the person vomiting in the curtain next to us and the little girl screaming will definitely be engraved in my mind for the rest of my life! But it was still super cool to see the difference of medical care here and medical care in the United States. 

Also I've hit my half way mark here in the mission and for all the missionaries your half way mark is like a huge deal because your last 9 months apparently goes by really fast!!!! how weird!!!! 

As well we got 2 surprise investigators yesterday in church ( my favorite type of investigator) one was from our area and the other is from Germany.... wait what?!?! why is there someone from Germany investigating the Church here in Peru??? well he is here on vacation for 6 months and he was curious. It was super cool and he speaks good Spanish. But for those of you that know me yes i studied German for 2 years before my mission and in the moment when he talked to me in German i realized one thing..... i do not remember a thing of German, it was quite sad but it was also really funny because i went to go say something and it came out in Spanish....... oh well its cool i got a cool language to speak here in Peru!!! 

Anyways love you all so much!!!! Thanks for all your support!!!
Love Hermana McNamara

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