Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Update 02-06-2017 No Group Email this week.

Cassie didn't send a group email this week. So I thought I would give everyone an update.

She is being transferred this week. She will be a Senior Companion finishing the training of a new companion. She's sad to leave her area, but excited for something new.

She also had a severe staph infection in her foot and leg from the blisters on her feet this week. She spent 3 days on bed rest with it elevated. They thought it was another bug bite at first, so it got really bad before the American Doctor saw it and recognized what it was. The swelling had moved up to her knee. They have her on strong antibiotics and cream. Soaking it and keeping it clean. The members of her ward have been taking amazing care of her. Looks like it's doing much better as of yesterday.

I decided to post the pictures of her foot here for those who wish to see.  (So don't scroll down past the happy pictures if you don't want to see!)   The treatment the members brought for her to try also looks really interesting.  I decided this is part of her mission, so should be documented here.   We are also so thankful for the wonderful care the ward members have offered Cassie, and for entertaining her while on bed rest.  She has expressed such gratitude for the ward members. She will miss them so much!

Prayers welcome and appreciated!! She had a great attitude and won't be letting an infection slow her down.


Love To All!!

GROSS pictures ahead.......stop scrolling here if you don't want to see.  


If you have a gag wish, continue on....


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  2. Poor girl! Hope it heals quickly for her. It looks miserable.